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Axolotl Salamander

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Albino Axolotl

What Can You Expect to Find in an  Albino Axolotl?

The investment in a salamander for your aquarium to use as a pet can be an excellent choice for many reasons. However, you do have some decisions to make. One of those decisions is which color is right for you. An  Albino Axolotl is a common option because of its beautiful look. This particular coloring is generally a white, but very pale pink color. They tend to have a golden hue to them and have gold eyes. You will find another option is a melanoid albino. These are unique in that they are all white in color.


This is such a unique type of creature to add to your aquarium that it is a good idea for you to create a specific habitat that is designed for them. The  Albino Axolotl is a type of axolotl, and as such, they are amphibians that require an underwater home. Unlike others, they do not develop lungs and move onto land. They remain underwater all of their lives. At Gem City Axolotls LLC, we can help you to build the perfect space for your new addition.