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Axolotl Salamander

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Axanthic Axolotl

What Is an  Axanthic Axolotl?

An  Axanthic Axolotl is a type of axolotl salamander. More specifically, it is one of the many colors of these salamanders.  Axanthic Axolotls are grey with black and sometimes white spots, and have black eyes. Other versions are albino, with a golden color and gold eyes, or several other combinations. If you are looking for a specific look to your salamander, this one is a fantastic color. It creates an outstanding addition to your tank when you want something everyone is going to point to and ask you what it is.


At Gem City Axolotls LLC, we can help you find the right salamander for your needs. We have all the tools and resources available to help you choose an  Axanthic Axolotl and to create the ideal habitat for them. This is not a common pet, but it can be the ideal choice for those who love these unique creatures and all that they offer.