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Axolotl Salamander

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Axolotl Salamander

Is an Axolotls Salamander Right for You?

If you are looking for an interesting, beautiful, and unique creature to call your own, take a closer look at the axolotl salamander. They are called many things, even Mexican walking fish, because of their unique body style. These are some of the most interesting of salamanders out there, and for many, they make the ideal purchase if you make the time and effort to learn all about them.


At Gem City Axolotls LLC in Kettering, Ohio, we can provide you with all the information and insight you need on how to turn an interest in the axolotl salamander into a passion. You can find all the information you need about them, how to help educate the world about these endangered species, and, of course, how to create the perfect environment for them within your home aquarium. It is worth getting to know them.