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Axolotl Salamander

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Freshwater Axolotl Salamander

Freshwater Axolotl Salamander – What You Should Know

As large salamanders, axolotls are a very intriguing investment for those who have an aquarium. The key to creating the ideal environment for these pets is to understand what their body needs. When it comes to freshwater axolotl salamander environments, the water quality needs to be carefully monitored as these creatures are pretty sensitive. First, you should be familiar with how to create and maintain a freshwater environment. These aquariums need ongoing support including but not limited to monitoring ph., ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites which can be done with a Freshwater Liquid Test Kit. Ammonia is toxic to fish, which is why having a cycled aquatic environment is important. While cycling your new tank might seem like the most tedious part of setup, we have ways to help speed up the process with our "LIVE" active bacteria box filter kits to boost that beneficial bacteria and ensure you create the ideal environment for your new pet. Once the parameters are established, nature will do its part in managing itself. Keep in mind you will still need to do routine water changes, but those aren't so bad!


Axolotls require fresh clean water. When you visit us at Gem City Axolotls LLC in Kettering, Ohio, we can help you to create the ideal freshwater axolotl salamander environment. We will help you to set up the right combination of décor, food, and water quality to ensure your new pets thrive. Salamanders like this can be very sensitive, which is why it is so important to get this just right.