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Leucistic Axolotl

Explore the Leucistic  Axolotl and All It Offers

There are so many beautiful and interesting salamanders available today it can be hard to choose just one to add to your habitat. If you are considering the addition of an axolotl, you may want to consider the coloring that is right for you. One option is the Leucistic  Axolotl. This unique option creates a stunning look. These salamanders are a pale pink color. They tend to have black eyes as well. This creates a bright, bold color for any habitat.


As you consider which one is right for you in the Leucistic  Axolotl variety, we recommend getting in contact with our team at Gem City Axolotls LLC in Kettering, Ohio. We can help you choose the right salamander and then help you to create a habitat that can help it to thrive. These are unique creatures that require a special living environment to do well. The good news is they can be an excellent choice for your aquarium.