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Shipping Policy

All live shipments are packaged and assembled as follows:

All sides, plus top and bottom of appropriate sized USPS Priority Box is lined with cut-to-fit pieces of polystyrene foam insulation. All specimens are double bagged with fish bags that are made specifically to be extra durable for shipping aquatic critters. Animal(s) is/are then placed in a thermal food grade "Hot/Cold" insulated bag with ice packs (1 or 2, big or small, depending on seasonal weather). Ice packs are individually wrapped in paper towel to absorb condensation, and again in aluminum foil to more evenly dispense coolness. With axolotl and ice packs placed, the thermal bag in sealed up tight and reinforced with packing tape to prevent jostling while in transit. Bundle is then placed inside box and any extra space is filled with bubble wrap, packing paper, air packs, or packing peanuts. Boxes are triple taped on all open ends and marked generously with "Perishable" and "Live Fish."

At Gem City Axolotls, our biggest concern is not only your happiness with your shopping/shipping experience, but also for your live shipped pets! Our shipping policy is simple: 1-Day or 2-3 Day Priority. This option is up to you as the buyer. All of our shipped Axolotls are fasted 2 days prior to shipping to prevent fouling their water. THEY WILL BE READY TO EAT AS SOON AS THEY ARE SETTLED INTO THEIR NEW ENVIRONMENT!! So be prepared. 1-day shipping is preferred and guaranteed live arrival as we use ice packs to keep them comfortable during transit. If you opt for 2-3 day shipping, we recommend you request that your package is left for pickup at your local Post Office. This is also guaranteed live arrival, but can potentially be more stressful on your pet! That being said, it MUST be retrieved by closing time SAME DAY as arrival at your post office. NO EXCEPTIONS! If you prefer to have it left on your porch/doorstep, you have ONE HOUR after delivery is marked in tracking to report a DOA. It is your responsibilty as the buyer to be prepared for accepting this LIVE animal. In the event a DOA should occur, replacement is fully guaranteed with PHOTO and VIDEO proof WITHIN THAT FIRST HOUR of marked delivery. Replacements can be offered in exchange for store credit for future use, or an axolotl of the same morph and size, with customer responsible for shipping and handling costs. Remember to properly acclimate your axolotl! This part is crucial! All live shipments come with adequate ice packs and insulation to keep cool and slow metabolism. Heat should not be an issue, but we do highly recommend if your local weather is predicting over 80 degrees, you use the 1-day shipping and Post Office retrieval.