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Axolotl Salamander

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Wildtype Axolotl

What You Should Know About the  Wildtype Axolotl

If you are looking to add a salamander to your aquarium, there are numerous options to choose from, but many people seek out the axolotl. This is a unique choice because unlike other salamanders, this one remains underwater all the time. There are several color schemes you may want to consider when choosing one. However, the  Wildtype Axolotl is perhaps the most commonly found option. It is the “normal” coloring that would be found on the salamander in the wild. That is a brown and tan body color with gold speckles or flakes of color on it.

These salamanders tend to have an undertone of an olive color as well.


The  Wildtype Axolotl is an excellent choice when you are looking to create a very natural habitat. At Gem City Axolotls LLC, we can help you to do that. We encourage you to come in to see us and to learn more about the various options available to you in salamanders. We can also help you to establish the ideal habitat for your axolotl.